18-Wheeler Accident Attorneys in Houston, Texas

18-Wheeler Accident Attorneys in Houston, Texas

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Houston is one of the most dangerous cities in America for roadway fatalities. Texas ranks highest in the nation for people killed in accidents involving large trucks like 18-wheelers. According to the Houston Chronicle, Houston has the worst record in the country for roadway deaths per capita.

Catastrophic trucking accidents happen all-too-often on Houston’s highways, including I-10, I-45, I-69, and I-610. If you were injured in a crash with an 18-wheeler, or if someone you love was killed in a trucking accident, you may be entitled to compensation.

At Rosen Law Group, we know that no one asks to be hurt in a trucking accident. Let us protect your financial future while you focus on getting better. We handle 18-wheeler accidents on a contingency fee, which means we don’t get paid unless you do.

Rosen Law Group Holds Trucking Companies Responsible

Trucking accidents are much more complicated than car accidents. Trucks are bigger and heavier than cars. They are harder to maneuver. And when a truck hits a car the accident is almost always catastrophic. It may even cause wrongful death.

Finding the responsible parties can be complicated. Truck drivers work directly or independently for brokers, shippers, and trucking companies. Each of these entities has its own responsibilities to keep other drivers safe. To hold them all accountable, you need to work with an experienced Texas truck accident attorney.

Why Are Truck Accidents More Deadly than Car Crashes?

Accidents involving trucks and 18-wheelers are almost always catastrophic. Semi-trucks weigh 20 to 30 times more than passenger vehicles. This means that an 18-wheeler takes 20% to 40% longer to come to a complete stop. If a car and a truck are both driving at 40 mph, the truck will take about 45 feet longer to stop than the car. If roads are wet or the truck’s brakes are poorly maintained, this distance can be even longer.

In addition to being heavier, 18-wheelers are taller than passenger vehicles. When an 18-wheeler hits a smaller car, the truck almost always causes extensive damages. This can lead to severe injuries, and even death, for the people in the car.

Causes of Trucking Accidents

Large semi-trucks are much bigger than passenger cars. This makes them harder to control. When a truck and a car are in an accident, the people in the car usually suffer more serious injuries. They may even be killed. Finding the cause of the accident is a critical step towards seeking justice.

Driver Fatigue

Driving a large 18-wheeler is different than driving a car. Because an 18-wheeler is so much bigger, truck drivers have a heightened responsibility when they are on the road. Truck drivers must follow hours-of-service regulations which say that they can only drive for 11 hours at a time. Unfortunately, too many truck drivers and the companies they work for do not follow these rules. This leads to truckers driving while being overly tired which increases the likelihood that a truck driver will be involved in a serious accident.

Improper Maintenance

Improper maintenance is another common cause of trucking accidents. Truck drivers and trucking companies must maintain their vehicles in a safe operating condition. This includes maintaining tires and brakes.

Improper Loading

Improper loading can cause a trucking accident. Trucking companies that don’t follow safety rules about size, weight, length, and height limits can create dangerous conditions on the road. Cargo that was not secured the right way can shift, fall off, or make the truck more difficult to control. These mistakes can lead to catastrophic or deadly consequences.

Driver Error

Sometimes truck drivers make mistakes or bad choices. Examples of driver error include:

  • Driving on an unfamiliar route
  • Driving aggressively
  • Driving while sick
  • Driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol

State and Federal Regulations Establish the Rules of the Road

Truck drivers must complete over 100 hours of study, go through specialized training, and obtain a special Commercial Drivers’ License (CDL) before they are allowed to drive an 18-wheeler. They must meet physical requirements, follow rules regarding alcohol and drug use, and receive special training on how to drive a truck.

To hold the truck driver and the companies that hired them responsible the injured victim must show that the driver or trucking company was negligent, and that this negligence caused the person’s injuries.

Commercial truck drivers must follow the Federal Motor Carriers Safety Regulations (FMCSR) and state trucking regulations. These rules can be used to prove the Rules of the Road for commercial truck drivers. An experienced truck accident lawyer can use these rules to prove that a truck driver or trucking company broke the rules. These rule violations often become a theme throughout the entire case.

What Should You Do After a Houston Truck Accident?

As soon as a trucking accident is reported, trucking companies will send out armies of lawyers, investigators, and other experts whose goal is to minimize the amount of money they will need to pay you. To fight back, you need an experienced truck accident lawyer on your side who will fight for the compensation you deserve.

Of course, the first thing you need to do is take care of yourself. Call an ambulance and go to the hospital. Follow up with your doctor. Start the healing process.

You also need to protect your financial future. You may not be able to go back to work immediately. You will probably need expensive medical treatment. You will have to deal with insurance companies that don’t want to pay you a dime. Rosen Law Group can help. We fight for justice for people who were hurt in trucking accidents.

Rosen Law Group — Texas Truck Accident Lawyers

If you were hurt in a trucking accident in Texas, you need an experienced lawyer on your side. Rosen Law Group will identify the people responsible and hold them accountable for the harm they caused. We will fight to protect your financial future and for the compensation you deserve. People who have been hurt in an accident with an 18-wheeler may be entitled to compensation for:

  • Past and future medical and hospital bills
  • Lost wages and loss of future earning capacity
  • Pain and suffering
  • Mental anguish
  • Temporary or permanent impairment
  • Damage to your relationship with your family
  • Punitive damages

Rosen Law Group is based in Bellaire, Texas. We represent people who were hurt in 18-wheeler accidents in and around Houston, Texas as well as the entire State of Texas.

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